Control Center allows you to quickly center the axes of objects and also allows you to center objects in relation to either other objects or the current view.
QuickPipe allows you to easily make sweep objects from splines. No more fussing with getting your splines aligned correctly to perform the sweep you want.
Bolt allows you to easily make bolt animations and in particular Jacob's Ladder style animations. The green lightning animation in the pipes to the left were made using Bolt.
Global Light Adjust lets you adjust a light's brightness, a group of lights, or all lights in a scene at once, along with all the keyframes associated with those lights by a given percentage.
Select Hierarchical helps with selections in the timelime. Whenever you want to select a hierarchy of keys, sequences, or sequences types for moving or deleting, SH makes it easy
Randomize Emitter Seed insures that all the emitters in a scene will have unique seeds.
Unflods the currently selected group
Makes spline paths from the trial of particles
Makes spline paths from the trail of any animated object.
Allows you to assign two targets for an object. A standard target and a soft target. This plugin helps overcome Gimbal lock.
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